As a gift giver, take the extra (and important!) step of ensuring all toys are safe for little ones. Specifically, the materials used to make children's products. As new Aunts ourselves, such considerations were paramount when choosing a gift. After all, a gift can be both cool and special, and composed of only child-friendly and non-toxic materials. In fact, we think the such characteristics go hand in hand.  We bring this heightened awareness to every product we feature on rattle me that. 

The popular advocacy group, Healthy Child, Healthy World shared some very useful tips to keep in mind when purchasing any baby gift (especially children's toys). We particularly loved their tip to 'Look for items that will last':

Look for items that will last. High quality toys may cost a bit more, but they will last much longer and can be handed down to younger children. 

We couldn't agree more. Invest in longevity, not short-term use. Invest in craftsmanship, not mass production. You'll be giving a cool gift to the baby, and supporting the long-term goal of keeping this world safe for the generations to come. 

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