Children's illustration is a versatile medium; it can sit comfortably within a story book or on its own as a graphic design piece. Certainly, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially to young minds just learning proper names and objects. And, slowly but surely adding to an elementary vocabulary. A good book assists in this learning process; the best books encourage the imagination. 

Great artists inspire, and children's illustrators are no exception. Our mission is to support and encourage design at any age (#designatanyage) by offering unique, educational, and beautiful gifts to nurture the creative spirit. To that end, here are a few of our favorite artists, offering a creative portfolio sure to inspire the next generation. 



A French post-impressionist painter. His work heavily influenced several generations of avant garde artists in the coming century. 



A French author and illustrator, producing an impressive 300 books along with a series of children's board games.



A Caldecott Medal winner and Canadian writer and illustrator. 



An American Modernist artist, best known for his stylized renditions of wildlife illustrations. 


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