A warm, Spring-like Sunday in NYC and the best place to be? MOMA. The weather kept out the crowds, making a visit much more enjoyable. Particularly loved the Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye exhibit, a collection of musical instruments and equipment, as well as posters, record sleeves, and other graphic elements. 

The exhibition examines alternative music cultures of the early 20th century, the rise of radio during the interwar period, how design shaped the “cool” aesthetic of midcentury jazz and hi-fidelity culture, and its role in countercultural music scenes from pop to punk, and later 20th-century design explorations at the intersection of art, technology, and perception.

Music, art, and technology go hand-in-hand, with each heavily drawing on the advances of generations before to create new design paradigms. The overall look was a definite retro-modern feel - pieces and posters and album covers you'd want sitting within your collection. We are firm believers of exposing children to music at an early age (#designatanyage). Music is the great elixir and a powerful way to understand and appreciate the human spirit. 

And (for the record) our vote for the best album cover of all time? The Clash's London Calling (#makingmusicmodern).

The Clash London Calling


Some favorite pictures from the collection: