Toys and gifts serve many purposes in a new child's life; as an educational tool, interactive fun, or simply as a beautiful design piece. In the case of artists Keith Haring and Nathalie Lété, our newest selection of baby gifts are a direct reflection of the artists' influencial work. Keith Haring's colorful designs reimagined on classic dominos and Nathalie Lété's delicate, whimsical illustrations gracing board games; each holding true to the artists' signature aesthetic. After all, the marriage of art and children's toys is a seamless one. By offering such beautiful and unique gifts, we hope to support such a marriage.  And, to plant the seed of exploration and nurturing an appreciation for great design at any early age (#designatanyage). A legacy, no doubt, eagerly supported by both Haring and Lété. Shop our new products. Happy Gifting.

For more information on the  Keith Haring Foundation, visit Established in 1989, it perpetuates Haring's artistic and philanthropic legacy through the preservation and circulation of his artwork and archives, and by providing grants to children in need and those affected by HIV/AIDS.
To learn more about Keith Haring, visit his extensive profile page on