A baby shower is a special milestone in a new parent's life. Planning a baby shower is a labor of love for those close to the mom (or dad!) to be. 

A dear friend recently planned and hosted a truly elegant baby shower, complete with a sit down tea and champagne, including all of the yummy accoutrements.  Her attention to detail is unparalleled and it was obvious each guest was wowed. 

Attending a baby shower? The same etiquette rules apply, especially so for such a "timed" event.  Here are some basic guidelines to ensure a happy host, happy guests, and most importantly, a happy mom + dad to be:

1) RSVP! 

This should go without saying, but make sure to give a timely response to the host so she can plan accordingly.

2) Arrive On Time

Again, this should be obvious, but it speaks of good manners and thoughtfulness.  A baby shower normally lasts a couple of hours or so, so showing up an hour into the festivities is not good form.  If you have a previous commitment and anticipate a late arrival, let the hostess know ahead of time. Often, a hostess will wait for all guests to arrive before officially started, so be considerate and let the hostess know. 

3) Don't Bring Unannounced Guests

This isn't a BBQ or even a cocktail party.  A hostess must plan for every guest and a last minute visitor can introduce unexpected stress trying to accommodate.  Again, be thoughtful and alert the hostess ahead of time.

4) Buy a Gift From the Heart

We started rattle me that as a way to provide that extra special touch to such an important event. A beautifully packaged gift with a wonderful story behind it makes for a lovely, and thoughtful, presentation. Already a mom? Compile some of your favorite lifesavers for the new baby and bundle together as your own "go-to" kit. 

5) Plan to Stay for the Entire Event

Again, it is just good manners.  Should you need to leave early, alert the hostess ahead of time and make your exit during a break between activities.

6) Always Thank the Hostess!

She will appreciate the acknowledgment and again, it is proper manners.

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