rattle me that | classic black & white inspiration

Black and white is crisp, classic, and timeless. The recent Chanel Haute Couture collection is always a visual treat. 

An unattainable luxury for most? Of course. But the couture ateliers carry on a time-honored tradition of exceptional craftsmanship and acute attention to detail. Something sorely missing in the era of disposable, fast fashion.  But craftsmanship does not only come from a Chanel jacket. It lies in creative individuals and communities around the world, proud to produce handmade, handcrafted pieces sure to last a lifetime. It is one of our greatest pleasures to support small businesses engaged in local manufacturing and employing skilled artisans, both in the USA or empowering women in underdeveloped communities worldwide. Each piece has a story and each carries on the banner of skilled craftsmanship for the next generation. Pass it on.