We feel in love with Vilac the moment we saw this guy. Museum-worthy and designed by pop artist Yoshitomo Nara, the toy dog is a statement piece to truly "wow" a child (and parents!). Lasting quality, fine craftsmanship, and a design piece to sit comfortably in a child's room when not in play. 
But such is the nature of every Vilac piece. Celebrating over 100 years as a premier manufacturer of high-quality wooden toys, Vilac draws from the rich woodworking, farming, and skilled artisanal tradition that has become the hallmark of its home in the Eastern part of France. In fact, many pieces utilize local communities in the manufacturing process and use wood from managed forests with a commitment to biodiversity and sustainability.
Whimsical, colorful, with an unparalleled design pedigree, we hope you'll love each Vilac piece as much as we do. Stay tuned as we unveil more Vilac gifts at rattle me that. Here's to design at any age (#designatantage). Tres chic.