Museum-worthy design is at the hallmark of each gift we carry at rattle me that. Beautiful, unique, and sophisticated baby and children's gifts to teach an appreciation for great design, and provide lasting value for generations to come.

It naturally follows to highlight the legacy of design pioneers whose rich contributions influenced today's creative class, and provide inspiration for the next generation. Graphic Designer Ladislav Sutnar was such a pioneer. A native of Plzeň, Czechoslovakia, Sutnar demonstrated a keen ability to transform business data into easily digestible units. All before the age of computers made such a task seemingly effortless.

His talents ranged from typography, iconography, and all forms of graphic design, creating a simple, direct and concise visual language easy to comprehend regardless of the viewer's native language. From infrastructure signs to putting parentheses around the American telephone area code numbers when they were first introduced (yes, he was the man!), his talents transformed the way we view data.

But let's not overlook his toys - those toys! Minimal modern elegance in striking wood designs. Museum-worthy and distinctly unique. True design pieces to last a lifetime.

ladislav sutnar children's toys | rattle me that

We pride ourselves on offering items of distinct significance, both design and otherwise. Take our Baby's First Spuni, a true work of art in and of itself, while also serving as a functional tool for little ones learning to use utensils.

Cheers to amazing design and for the contributions of Ladislav Sutnar