We've all seen it; bins and boxes and more stuffed with neglected toys. Sometimes even whole rooms filled with the spoils of birthday and holiday gifts, seemingly longing for a child's attention amongst a sea of competitors.

And, the cries of parents against an onslaught of disposable, mass-produced "things" that just add more clutter to a family home or apartment. We like to call it "stuff"; the toys and games and gifts that don't have legs beyond a child's fleeting attention span.

So what is the solution for a gift giver wanting to mark a special occasion in a child's life - without adding to more "stuff"? See below for a mental checklist of factors to consider when choosing that next gift. At rattle me that, each and every product is carefully selected to meet these criteria, with the added bonus of supporting the creative and innovative businesses along the way.  

1)   Make it Educational:

This goes without question; the toys that teach are always gifts worth giving. Games, building blocks, flashcards, and (of course) books! Anything to encourage a child's learning and developmental process will always be a welcome addition.

2)   Make it Heirloom-Worthy:

A gift that can last longer than a child's fleeting childhood can be regenerated and reused for the next generation. Just remember how wonderful it is to pull out your old toys, knowing they can have lasting use?

3)   Focus on Craftsmanship and Small Businesses:

Less emphasis on the big box retailers and mass-produced, disposable goods. Think in terms of small family businesses focused on creativity and ingenuity in the children's market. We are proud to shine the light on many established and up-and-coming brands seeking to make a footprint in the children's market. Many use sustainable, eco-friendly practices, or employ impoverished communities to produce goods. Others carry on time-honored craftsmanship.

4)   Museum-Worthy Design:

Beautiful, imaginative design lies at the heart of each piece in our collection. Whether by celebrated artists or up-and-coming talents, the creative result celebrates innovative design and encourages design appreciation at an early age. Art and creativity opens doors, challenges convention, sparks curiosity, and fosters an appreciation for the greater questions in life. All traits important to the growth of young minds. Giving the gift of beautiful design helps guide a child along such an important path. 

A toy or gift should not live in a bin; it should breath life and curiosity into a young mind's world. Shop our curated selection of beautiful and sophisticated gifts, sure to make a lasting impression for both parent and child.