Creating mood boards has been a favorite activity since our time at Parsons. Back then (ahem!), however, mood boards were relagated to mostly cut and paste jobs on actual poster board. This was before the rise of Pinterest and other online tools made the creative process that much easier.

Mood boards are often used to envision interior design layouts, but easily transition to event planning (your child's birthday party), organizing your home, a wish list of sorts, or just for fun (yes, we make mood boards all the time - we confess!).

But no matter the method or purpose, the creative process stays the same. The first step? Finding inspiration. However crafted together, be it a physical board or a Pinterest one, the only rule to keep in mind is - there are no rules! But, the process must start from a genuine place. Do not look to others for the idea - for what is the fun in being a follower? Absorb bits from here and pieces from there, and synthesize them all into your own unique, and authentic, vision.  

With the official start of the Fall season and the weather slowly turning cool in New York City, what better time for a new autumn palette. A refresh of sorts to coincide with the coziness of the season. Our inspiration came from a watercolor painting by artist Luli Sanchez. From her website:

"My objective with my designing, has been to capture an organic and moody yet optimistic spirit and have designs out in the world that in their own small way may invoke a feeling that underneath it all, it is a benevolent universe."

Just lovely! We're big fans of abstract modern art, especially from emerging artists. Through our "Design at Any Age" dictums, we hope to spread the importance of art education and encouraging creativity at an early age. And, we would throw in fostering an optimistic spirit and curiosity for the greater universe as a whole. For design does not live in a bubble.

But back to our mood board. The foundation laid, the additional components feel into line quite quickly. We are rather smitten with the pale pinks, muted browns, and other suitably fall colors to create a perfect autumn mood board. And, a little muppets inspiration always does our inner child well. Happy creating...

creating a mood board autumn