the one baby gift new parents want the most

Buying the perfect baby shower gift can be a fun shopping spree for those in the know (and with the baby know-how) or can seem like an overwhelming task without guideposts.

At rattle me that, we are here to help. Help with those truly special and unique gifts not found on big-box registries, and sure to make a lasting impression for years to come.

But what if you're searching for something more intangible to give in addition? An extra way to show you care - whether the occasion be the actual baby shower, or even the baby's arrival? 

In our informal poll, when we asked new/expecting parents the one gift they dearly wanted - but were too ashamed to ask for - the overwhelming answer was….


Yes, cleaning - whether it's a gift certificate to a local cleaning agency, or offering to chip in, roll up your sleeves, and scrub that bathroom clean during a visit.

Why? Expecting moms (especially those in their third trimester), are achey, crabby, sore, and just exhausted. And, most importantly, they cannot handle a majority of cleaning supplies because of the baby. New moms are finding time to sleep/eat/function let alone finding ten minutes to scrub a bathroom.

Even though parents might pretend to be super-human, they all need help. And cleaning seems to be the one chore that easily falls by the wayside when dirty diapers and clean clothes take precedence. Take the initiative and give the gift of a clean home - and voila, your good deed is done!