Whip up your own Halloween spooks, surprises, and scary fun with our easy DIY Halloween projects. Whether with children or just on your own, gather up some craft supplies and spend a few hours in creative land. Happy Halloween!


Easy DIY Halloween Projects Monster Cookies

Just use our favorite Grandma White Recipe (find the recipe here) and have on hand colorful frosting and any halloween-inspired adornments. We love the haphazard placement of these gems, created by our very own niece. Too cute to look at and I bet even yummier to eat! 



From Trendenser, take white and orange balloons, a good black marker or black paint, and the rest comes from imagination! Ghost, ghouls, and pumpkin-esque faces make for an easy DIY craft with the kids. Or (admit it), even just for yourself! 



Easy to find orange tissue paper balls, black and brown construction paper, and some glue will do the trick. Via Country Living.


Discovered via Oh Happy Day, see the detailed how-to below. Check out more from Oh Happy Day, and their wonderful shop full of colorful party decor, wrapping paper, and other party essentials. Just divine!

Materials: white crepe paper, newspaper, card stock, water balloons, washi tape, string, white glue, scissors, paint brush

Step 1: Blow up balloons to desired size.

Step 2: Mix some white glue with water and tear up the newspaper into small pieces. Paper mache the balloons.

Step 3: Let dry completely. Be sure the paper mache is strong and doesn’t cave in when you hold it; two layers might be necessary.

Step 4: Take a 5″ by 8″ piece of card stock and cut it into a fringe along one side. This will be the ghost’s tail.

Step 5: Cut the balloon out of the shell and cut a hole big enough to fit the candy you’ll be putting inside.

Step 6: Fill the piñata with candy! If you want to just use the ghosts as decor instead of piñatas, you can skip this step.

Step 7:  Wrap the fringed card stock around the piñata and use washi tape to secure it. Cut off any of the card stock that overlaps onto itself.

Step 8: Gather the fringe together and tape the ends together so that it forms a curled tail shape.

Step 9: Cover the tail in washi tape – don’t use too much or the piñata will be too difficult to break!

Step 10: Tape a string to the top of the piñata.

Step 11: Cut the white crepe paper into fringe.

Step 12: Glue the fringe onto the piñata, covering the entire surface.

Step 13: Cut eyes and a mouth out of black card stock.

Step 14: Glue the eyes and mouth onto the piñata.