The arrival of a niece or nephew is one of life's truly special moments. Especially for a family of late bloomers, who aren't conditioned to have young children around. The result is lots of spoiling and a special kind of dedication to relay lots of love and encouragement during their formative years.

With the arrival of my beautiful new nephew, in addition to my already beautiful niece, I am a proud Aunt of two incredibly special little toots. The birth of my nephew has brought to light some specific behaviors I have developed as a new aunt, even more so the second time around. For any new Aunts or Uncles, you will surely agree on some, if not all, of the points below. I say, forgot the naysayers - do not be ashamed to be proud, for unconditional love and support for family and loved ones is both an amazing feeling and an important mindset to pass on to the next generation. 


Top Ten Checklist

1.   You order every picture, in every size, of any 'official' baby picture, from their first newborn pics to school portraits.

2.   You have been reminded (more than once) that your niece/nephew isn't technically yours - to which you respond with a horrified expression!

3.   When you FaceTime, you want to camera to stay focused only on the baby.

4.   A personal video to you from your neice/nephew on your birthday is the best present you could ever receive. 

5.   Your friends and coworkers start to roll their eyes when you show them the "latest" baby picture.

6.   You've invented your own nickname for your neice/nephew specifically just for them - and whenever you see them it's the first words uttered out of your mouth in delight.

7.   You have grand plans to teach them all of your favorite passions.

8.   You are convinced they will grow up to be the next President of the United States, Nobel Laureate, or Broadway Star - they are *that* smart and special. 

9.   You were never much of a baby person, but can't imagine not being one now. 

10. There's nothing in the world you wouldn't do for them.