We are frequently asked for toddler birthday gift recommendations. Often, the question comes in a panicked "I'm going to a birthday party and have no idea what to gift!?!" kind of request. The quest is a tricky one as some children are in different stages of development, and often have established enough of an interest to actually voice what the "want" at that age. But do not fret. The answer to finding the best birthday gift for any toddler is simple. Forgo the mass-produced, disposable gifts soon to be discarded by a waning attention span. Be different, be daring, and look beyond the frivolous. Find something unique, creative, and engaging to spark a curiosity for learning and exploration.

Best Toddler Birthday Gift #1: Books

Our first recommended gift for toddlers are books. Books, in our opinion, are always a great gift for any toddler. At two years old, a child is much more engaged with storytelling, often clamoring for their favorite book at bedtime. Why not go off the beaten path and introduce a child to the talented works of illustrators and artists such as Ed Emberley, Alexander Girard or Patrick Hruby


Best Toddler Birthday Gift #2: Memory Games 

Interactive games are another favorite toddler gift. Memory games from Ed Emberley and Eames are a creative way to stimulate a child's memory and are a design lovers dream. 

Ed Emberley Memory Game | rattle me that

Eames Memory Game | rattle me that

And as an added treat, every gift comes beautifully gift wrapped so it is presentation-ready upon arrival. All gifts also include a handwritten note of your choice for an extra special touch. Help us bring back a certain thoughtfulness to gifting. Creative, lasting gifts with meaning, beautifully-wrapped with a personal touch. Happy shopping!