The perfect baby and toddler gift? Books. Why? A book is a no-fail, safe, yet creative choice to give any parent. A child’s burgeoning library can never be too large and presents a limitless opportunity for future growth and curiosity.
At rattle me that, we are thrilled to add to our ever-growing collection of modern, artistic children’s books by celebrated talents and new favorites. Whether with an educational or moral component, each book is a visual feast of beautifully illustrated pages sure to delight both young and old. Packed with rich colors, sketches, whimsical characters, and a thoroughly modern aesthetic, they represent a design-lovers dream. 
The Five Rollatinis Children's Book | rattle me that

The Five Rollatinis 

Counting in the Garden Children's Book | rattle me that

Counting in the Garden

The Wing on a Flea Children's Book | rattle me that

The Wing on a Flea

The Story of Paul Bunyan

Our advice when selecting a book as a gift? Don’t get too hung up on age range. A book not quite within a child’s scope is a waiting treasure to explore in years to come. Add a handwritten note in the front of every book you gift as a reminder of who, when, and why it was given. 
One can never have too many books (says us, the avid bookworm). Give a gift of beauty, knowledge, and curiosity - and the rewards will show for years to come.