• Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey

    Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey

    The very definition of iconic craftsmanship and designed for a lifetime of use, whether as lovable toy or signature design piece. First introduced by the famed Danish designer Kay Bojesen in 1951, it follows the same design principles evidenced through his prolific catalogue. Simple, solid design inspires play and imagination in young children. The Monkey is Bojesen's most famous creation, comprised of 31 moveable parts. Each piece is painstakingly handmade in Denmark using time-honored techniques. Made from limba wood and sustainable plantation teak, which is a sustainable alternative to n...

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  • Colorful Circles Clutching Toy

    Colorful Circles Clutching Toy

    Clickity-clack wooden fun for small ones. Modern design paired with useful purpose. The perfect size for inquisitive little hands to grasp and even use for teething. Wooden clutch toy is tightly and securely fastened to withstand extensive use.   Age: 0 -12 months Size: Individual balls measure approximately 1". Entire rattle is approximately 4" x 3" Material: Beach wood with non-toxic water based resin Handmade in Germany        

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  • Child's First Friend by Yoshitomo Nara

    Child's First Friend by Yoshitomo Nara

    With his wagging tail and crafty grin, he's sure to become every child's life long friend. Pull-along string allows for toy to be pulled to child's delight. Both engaging toy and timeless design piece for any child's room. Designed by acclaimed Japanese pop artist Yoshitomo Nara, whose work appears at MOMA in New York City, among other leading museums worldwide. Handmade in France.   Please note this item is handmade to order in France and will be available for shipment mid-September. Payment will be collected when you pre-order and you will be notified via email when your gift is ready for...

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  • Eames Memory Game

    Eames Memory Game

    A delightful game for all ages featuring the designs of mid-century design icons Charles and Ray Eames. For younger children, play with nine pairs or fewer. For a more challenging game, geared toward older children and adults, play with all 36 pairs. Mix and spread cards face down. Players take turns flipping any two cards up. If cards match, player continues. If cards do not match, player's turn ends and cards remain in the same position. When all cards are matched, player with the most pairs wins. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charles and Ray Eames are among the most important and influential designe...

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  • Baby Animal Art Cards

    Baby Animal Art Cards

    These high-contrast visual patterned art cards help promote infant brain development. As newborns, babies are drawn to the contrasts and patterns. As they grow older, they become acquainted with the animals themselves. Each card is beautifully finished with matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners.   Age: All Size: 5" x 7" Material: 100% recycled card stock and soy inkMade in USA    

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  • Keith Haring Dominos

    Keith Haring Dominos

    The classic game of dominos reimagined by artist Keith Haring. Haring's whimsical illustrations grace each piece, introducing the artist's work to a new generation. The game encourages creativity through mix and matching dominos, and aids in memory development.   ABOUT KEITH HARING Keith Haring (1958-90) was an artist and activist who frequently used his art to speak out on various social issues. He was one of the most renowned of the young artists, filmmakers, performers, and musicians whose work responded to urban street culture of the 1980’s. Diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, Haring establish...

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  • Alexander Girard Blocks

    Alexander Girard Blocks

    The Alexander Girard Blocks are a 10-block set that features two graphic puzzles, the 26 letters of the alphabet, and 14 illustrations. Pre-schoolers can identify simple icons such as the sun, snake, or angel, and correspondingly can also begin to spell out these words. This set of high quality and durable paper blocks comes in a well-designed pull-out box for easy storage. This designer toy is a great aesthetic and educational introduction to Girard’s work—perfect for design-loving adults and creative young children. This lovely new toy is sure to become a classic. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alexan...

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  • Baby's First Spuni

    Baby's First Spuni

    Baby's first feeding spoon. Ergonomically designed with a patented ridge, Spunis promote latching and make feeding time less messy. These wooden versions are hand-finished and custom made of Dark Maple wood sourced in the USA. Age: 4 months+Material: Dark Maple WoodMade in USA All materials used are non-toxic and have been laboratory certified to be Phthalate, BPA, BPS and PVC free.

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  • Toby the Weiner Dog Pull Toy

    Toby the Weiner Dog Pull Toy

    Handmade in France, lacquered wood weiner dog makes for a truly unique and lasting gift. With red tail, wheels, and collar, reading "Toby". Spring-like attached neck and tail bob to-and-fro when pulled, mimicking the real life antics of your loveable pet. An interactive toy, sure to become a favorite for curious young minds. Please note this item is handmade to order in France and will be available for shipment mid-September. Payment will be collected when you pre-order and you will be notified via email when your gift is ready for shipment.   ABOUT VILAC For more than 100 years, Vilac has ...

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  • Ed Emberley Alphabet Blocks

    Ed Emberley Alphabet Blocks

    These Ed Emberley Alphabet Blocks are a 10-block set that features 40 letters, 20 faces and lots of fun! Young children will enjoy spelling words and playing with these paper blocks featuring beloved illustrator Ed Emberley's artwork. Emberley, the grandfather of how-to-draw books, created this unique alphabet out of colored squares and triangles. ABOUT THE AUTHOREd Emberley is an Caldecott award-winning, beloved author and illustrator of children's books. Wonderful, whimsical, and humorous, he is best known for encouraging a generation of children to take the drawing process step by step. ...

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  • Moby the Fish Rattle Toy

    Moby the Fish Rattle Toy

    Delight young hands with the click-clack of this rattle toy, perfect for developing clutching and grasping skills. Brightly colored with wood body sections designed for strength and durability, a baby will love to 'go fishing'!   Age: 0 -12 months Size: 6"Material: Beach wood with non-toxic water based resinMade in Germany        

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  • The Five Rollatinis

    The Five Rollatinis

    With no room remaining to ride Wonder Horse Ammonia with the rest of the Rollatinis, little Bambino must find another way to contribute to the family business. But performing apart from the others leaves the sixth and youngest Rollatini feeling lonely and left out, even as he flies with the acrobats, rubs elbows with the elephants, and teaches the dancing bear to bicycle. Not only a charming story of a small circus talent finding his place in the troupe, THE FIVE ROLLATINIS also contains a colorful collection of hand-drawn illustrations to practice counting. Young readers will tally lions, ...

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  • Calling All Animals

    Calling All Animals

    From a scurry of squirrels to an army of frogs, this book of collective animal nouns will delight young ones, who will be thrilled to discover that the collective noun for skunks is a "stench" and the collective noun for mice is a "mischief." Matthew Porter's unique art, painted on pinewood then sanded to a finish, is perfect for depicting these interesting and unique nouns. ABOUT THE AUTHORMatthew Porter is an Englishman abroad. A children’s book illustrator and author his stories and imagery present the perfect balance of nostalgia with modern elegance. With ten titles published since 200...

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  • Celestino Piatti's Animal ABC

    Celestino Piatti's Animal ABC

    Another beloved classic by Celestino Piatti. His iconic illustrations make this celebration of the ABCs a great gift for little learners and collectors alike! Piatti introduces each letter of the alphabet in this animal picture book with inventive and rhyming text. His A to Z menagerie, all done with the heavy black outlines and extraordinarily rich coloring of stained glass, includes a gracefully bent double spread giraffe, an African-angular red orangutan and a limpid-eyed yak, amongst others.   ABOUT CELESTINO PIATTICelestino Piatti (1922-2007) was a Swiss graphic artist, painter and boo...

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  • Counting in the Garden

    Counting in the Garden

    COUNTING IN THE GARDEN celebrates the joy of growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables in one’s very own garden. This hardcover book is a visual feast from one to twelve. Young children will love finding and counting all of the garden treats. Every other page introduces a new plant into the mix until ultimately all twelve plants are featured together in the final, abundantly overgrown garden. COUNTING IN THE GARDEN is sure to appeal to eco-conscious parents and their “green” little kids. Brother and sister team Patrick and Emily Hruby collaborated on this charming little book. As kids growing...

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  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider

    The Itsy Bitsy Spider

    Winner of a Parent’s Choice Award, this much loved nursery rhyme benefits from the  collaboration between author/illustrators Rebecca Emberley and her father, Caldecott award winner Ed Emberley. The Emberleys have created 10 books together, and like their previous work, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" virtually explodes with riotus color! They chose to stay true to the original rhyme, while giving the spider their own special touch. Whether it's a child's first experience with this timeless classic, or the 100th, the Emberleys' version is sure to please. ABOUT THE AUTHOREd Emberley is an Caldecott ...

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  • The Story of Paul Bunyan

    The Story of Paul Bunyan

    THE STORY OF PAUL BUNYAN shares the folktale of one of the most famous and popular North American folk heroes. The story traces the outdoor adventures of Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack, and his companion, Babe the Blue Ox. Written by Barbara Emberley and illustrated through woodcuts by Ed Emberley, this version is a graphically and visually stunning book.   Hardcover with Dust JacketSize: 7.4 x 10.7 inches | 32 pagesISBN:9 781623260620

    $ 18.00
  • The Wing on a Flea

    The Wing on a Flea

    THE WING ON A FLEA is the very first book Ed Emberley wrote and illustrated, published in 1962. This lovely book of line drawings about basic shapes and what they could become foreshadowed his later, well-known how-to-draw series of books. Upon its release, THE WING ON A FLEA was named one of the New York Times’ 10 best illustrated books of the year and was an ALA Notable Book. Hardcover with Dust JacketSize: 7.4 x 10 inches | 48 pagesISBN: 9781623260583

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