Giving Beyond the Gift

The gifts that leave a lasting impression are never the most expensive, the flashiest, or the latest fad. The gifts remembered emanated from a thoughtful place, hand-selected by the gift giver with considerable thought and purpose. Gifts to treasure for a lifetime, with a special meaning.

Add in a heartwarming story of providing a hand up to impoverished Haitian mothers, and your heart truly swells with joy. It’s the stuff of goosebumps, for such is the impact Haiti Babi has on those who hear the story.

Founder Katlin Jackson wanted a way to give back to the Haitian community dealing with widespread poverty. Lack of money meant many children were sent to orphanages as a last resort, separating mother from child. Her solution? Empower Haitian mothers with a skill set and the financial means to provide for their families while contributing to the local community. Giving them a sense of purpose and meaning so sorely missing.

The result? Each mother employed by Haiti Babi not only produces exceptionally beautiful artisanal, handmade and handknit baby goods, but is able to keep their family together.

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Meet the Moms of Haiti Babi